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Mutual Funds: Perfect for all your Goals!

There’s a general misconception that Mutual Funds are only suited for expert investors with millions to spare. Actually, Mutual Funds are perfect for everyone regardless of age, investment amount or what goal they’re saving for.

According to your saving needs, there’s a perfect fund for everyone!

  • Saving for a brand new phone or a vacation with friends next year? Get started with a Money Market Fund with regular contributions to ensure a stable growth.
  • Idle money lying in your bank account? Make your money work for you by parking it in an Income fund!
  • Looking to generate income on your amount with relatively low risk? A Hybrid Fund is the right choice!
  • For Long term goals like retirement, you can’t go wrong with an Equity fund since they offer great returns over a long period of time!

The best way to get started today is by opening an iSave account, making a small basic investment so you experience the simplicity and then we’ll line up a call with an investment advisor, who will discuss your risk, goals, plans and help you select a product based on your needs.

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