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ALHIAAF Hajj Saver Account

Every Muslim must make Hajj a priority and plan to perform it as soon as possible at least once in a lifetime.Your monthly contribution to the Hajj Saver account will be invested in Alhamra Islamic Asset Allocation Fund (ALHIAAF), which is monitored and guided by a Shariah Advisory Board. All dividends declared on the Units held in the ALHIAAF Hajj Saver Account shall be reinvested in the Fund.


MCB Funds offers ALHIAAF Shariah compliant Hajj Saver Account for retail investors that allow them to invest small amounts and earn Halal profits in order to meet Hajj, Umra and/or Ziarat expenses.


The objective of this account is to facilitate an investor in achieving medium to long term investment goals by accumulating a lump sum for a final objective (i.e. performance of Hajj, Umra & Ziarat) in a Halal manner, through regular monthly contributions in Shariah compliant Alhamra Islamic Asset Allocation Fund (ALHIAAF).