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Monthly Savings

Monthly Savings PlansProfile

MCB Funds Monthly Savings Plans are investment Plans that allow the investors to invest small amounts in a portfolio of return generating investments to be able to meet individual needs and maintain desirable life styles at a later stage in life.


The objective of the Schemes is to facilitate an investor to accumulate a lump sum for a final objective (like buying a house, paying for children’s education and their marriages etc.) through regular monthly contributions.

How they work

Investors can choose between a MCB-PSM – Saving Plan, PIF – Saving Plan and Balanced Saving Plan. As the names suggest,the PSM and PIF plan invests in MCB-PSM and PIF, respectively, while the Balanced Savings Plan starts off with an allocation of 60% in MCB-PSM and 40% in PIF. This allocation will be periodically reversed by the time the plan matures. The investor can choose a 10 or 15 year plan.

Insurance option

Optional insurance covers may be offered by MCB Funds in negotiation with life insurance companies to cover death, permanent total/partial disability, critical illness and emergency hospitalization etc.